Connectis .NET Adapter

The Connectis Adapter allows customers to easily integrate their existing applications with the Connectis Identity Broker.

The adapter provides the following functionality:

  1. Send a SAML 2.0 Authentication Request to the Connectis Identity Broker.

  2. Process a SAML 2.0 response from the Connectis Identity Broker and extract the information from this response:

    1. The status (e.g. success, cancelled, error or session expired)

    2. If the status is successful:

      1. A unique, persistent identifier, called NameId, that allows you to identify returning users;

      2. The value of “relay state”;

      3. The level of assurance of the request;

      4. A list of attributes provided by the Identity Provider.

  3. Send a SAML 2.0 Logout Request to the Connectis Identity Broker.

  4. Generate and sign SAML 2.0 compliant metadata.

The Connectis Adapter is an alternative to building a SAML implementation yourself. Building your own implementation is not recommended due to the potential of introducing unintended security vulnerabilities. The advantages of using our adapter instead of your own implementation are:

  1. Guaranteed compatibility with the Connectis Identity Broker;

  2. Support offered to your developers through software updates and upgrades;

  3. Support for future features of SAML through a simple upgrade of the adapter library.

Finally, using the Connectis Adapter does not require any knowledge of the SAML protocol.

The adapter should enable you to quickly start your implementation whilst providing you with a secure connection to various networks such as eHerkenning, eIDAS or others as well as guaranteed long term support. Please consult your Connectis partner or sales representative for more information.