Setting up a domain name

The Connectis Identity Broker will per default be hosted on a domain name in the following format:

If required, you can migrate this environment to another domain name. DigiD, for instance, requires that the Connectis Identity Broker runs on a domain name that is managed by your organisation, instead of by Connectis. Please follow these steps to alter your domain name:

  • Choose a new domain name for your instance of the Connectis Identity Broker and send an email to with the new domain name.

  • You will receive one or multiple Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs). Please sign these and send back the signed certificates. Please ensure that the signed certificates are of the required type.

  • You will receive a DNS entry containing a CNAME. Configure this entry into your DNS server.

Note: Connectis uses several techniques to secure the login flow. HTTP Strict Transport Security is one of these. All traffic to and from the domain and all subdomains will be forced to use a secure connection. Please keep this in mind when deciding on a domain name because this will also force other traffic to that same domain to be 100% secure.