Connectis Documentation

Easy, secure access to your online services with a single point of control.

With the Connectis Identity Broker, your customers can log in easily and securely using their preferred online ID system.

Online customer access to your services. The Connectis Identity Broker acts as a central hub, connecting your online services with a variety of identity providers to make identity management simple. So you have various secure logins at your disposal, plus increased assurance regarding user identities.

Structure of the documentation

Connecting your application

Information on how to connect your application(s) to the Connectis Identity Broker using different protocols and applications.

Configuring eIDs

Information on enabling different Electronic Identities (eIDs) in the Connectis Identity Broker.

API documentation

Information about Connectis' APIs

Testing toolkit

Information about Connectis' simulators

Protocol Information

Information on the different protocols


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